Node.JS developer, Romania

Node.JS developer, Romania


We are looking for one of our clients for a Node.JS developer, 4+ years experience, ideally with some React knowledge.

Position – Node.js developer. If you also know some React it would be great.

Project – furniture e-commerce

Hourly rate – 25+ dollars, invoiced

Duration – long term, unlimited

Time zone – Romania

Full time – yes

Monitoring tool – JIRA

Team – 12 people ( BA, dev, devops, TL)

Recruiting process – HR (by phone) + employer Skype call + Final client Skype call



  1. What database is used?

Quesry language GrapfQl and MongoDB

  1. What does the database work imply in more details?

Just to be able to work with ORM over non relational database

  1. What is the MVC version you are using?

We do not using any MVC frameworks, just MVC concept applied in javascript code

  1. Do you use templates like bootstrap or others?


  1. Do you use entityframework or Nhibernate or others?


  1. Do you use SASS or LESS?


  1. What is the proportion of maintenance and the one of new development?

40% maintenance

  1. Is there any client communication involved?


  1. Where are the clients from?

Florida, United States

  1. Do you have testers? Do you have automated testing too? What parts of the applications are covered? What automated testing tools are you using?

We have unit tests written in jest, enzyme and react-testing-library. The stories are

tested and approved by BA or other management positions

  1. What is your development process: waterfall/agile/other? How does it work in details? Agile with sprint planning, refinement and retrospective with a 1 week sprint
  2. Do you have coding standards documents created by the company?


  1. Do you use design patterns in writing code?

Atomic Design Methodology

  1. Do you do code review?


  1. Do you have refactoring periods included in product life cycle?


  1. Who takes technical decisions?

Romanian team together with remote team

  1. What is the Romanian team power to decide over the architecture/technical decisions/used technologies?

Romanian team can take decisions related to arhitecture

  1. What is the flexibility for implementing new technologies as they are validated by the market as being stable?

The team is open to new sugestion, but you need to justify your choises

  1. Are people involved in estimations?


  1. When did you last implemented a new technology and why?

A few weeks ago we have added GraphQl

  1. What versioning control do you have?


  1. Do you work on the technical side with foreigners: Indians etc? What is their role in the development/testing process?

Just American team and Romanian

  1. Do you have up to date documentation?

The documentation is available on confluence and google drive. Some of them are not


  1. Do you have architects? Are they available for questioning?


  1. Do the sales people have a technical business analyst or any other consultant involved in dead-line estimations – if it is the case in the business model.


  1. Is it internal product developed by the company?


  1. What are the releases timelines? Are they communicated in time? Is there a clear plan/ backlog of what is planned for each new release?



We thank all applicants for their interest, however ONLY THE CANDIDATES selected for interviews will be contacted – in maximum 2 weeks from the date of the application.


Apply using the following contact form:

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