Usually services’ market is led by this motto: Our client is our master. We propose our clients a different approach – PARTNERSHIP.

We want to work like business partners, to have the same objectives, to be equal in our business relationship and to use all our resources to reach the goals we have agreed upon. We believe that teamwork is the only approach that will lead to a final result that makes both parties happy.

We are looking to work with clients who want to evolve on several levels: to grow the team from number point of view, and also aim to become the employers of choice for the specialists in the field.

This is why our services are including a large broad of directions, from recruiting to retention, from managing poor performance to talent management, from mission and values to employer branding.

We are inviting you to join a trip of development that will open limitless possibilities for your business to grow.

Recruiting is the number one challenge on global level for any employer who wants to grow its business. The companies cannot grow without new employees, they cannot access bigger clients and get larger projects, and in this context recruiting often proves to be a potential blocker.

Recruiting is like a regular sale – no matter if you like the term or not. The company is selling its brand, projects and benefits and the candidate is selling his/her skills and experience. And here is where we step in and make the difference:

  • we will explore your needs and/ in order to understand them;
  • we will suggest adjustments – if needed – and help you have a competitive offer that will stand out comparing with others;
  • we will find and present you the candidates that are looking for the kind of offer you have.

Our offer includes:

  • Creating an appealing Job Description of the position you need to fill in;
  • Creating a company presentation that attracts the right candidates;
  • Find in the market the possible future employees that fit your needs;
  • Interview them and make sure they are a good fit for the company culture and working style;
  • Manage the relationship with the candidate during the whole recruiting process until he/she gets in the company.

The whole process is marked by full honesty offered to both sides: company and candidates.

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We believe that procedures and processes can be translated into good and common practices guidelines and they are a support tool. We also believe that as soon as a company has over 10 employees, written guidelines are a must. Their purpose is to help communication go smoothly and to support the execution of repetitive tasks in the same manner.

We can use our experience and expertise to help our clients in having guidelines in several fields:

1. Recruiting – we create for you good practices, recruiting procedure, recruiting standard

2. Onboarding/induction – we create for you all the steps that need to be followed for a successful integration of a new employee

3. Performance review – we create for you KPIs and detailed description for any function existing in the company

4. Career path – we create for you job descriptions, we help you identify the skills and experience for every career level of every function existing in the company

5. Training and development – we create for you good practices in identifying and covering training needs

6. Talent pool – we design for you internal programs that help identifying the best employees of the company with rare or excellent set of skills

7. Talent management – we create for you tools to identify the employees that are part of the talent pool; we help you design the retention, training, development tools and career path for them

8. Poor performance management – we create for you step by step guidance of how to bring an employee from being a poor performer to a good performer

9. Compensations and benefits – we offer support in creating a competitive compensations and benefits department that is a valuable tool in retention

10. HR administrative flow and papers – we perform internal audit regarding the HR administrative paper work status; we offer support in getting the company up to date from HR administrative point of view

11. Satisfaction surveys – we design and apply satisfaction surveys; we do the results analysis and generation of list of projects that will improve motivational level for company’s employees

12. Mission and values – we design and implement mission and values of the company

13. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – we will work with you as a team in designing and implementing of projects with a positive impact on the local society

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Employer branding is a very trendy concept lately and you will find many good practices regarding this topic.

We define this concept in couple of short questions:

  • Did the candidates have heard about your company?
  • Would your present and ex-employees recommend your company to other candidates?

Employer branding it's not only the messaging you actively promote in the market, it's more about what your employees, potential talent, and contractors think and say about you.

The impact of building a strong employer brand is immediate and cost effective: faster hiring times, stronger employee engagement, increased retention, and lower recruitment costs.

We can help you create and improve your employer branding inside and outside the company depending on your needs and available resources.

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We know time is money and we also know that maximum 15% of the information described during training is remembered afterwards. This is why we are specialized in short, effective and focused on concrete examples workshops, approaching hot topics for a company like:

  • Interviewing skills
  • Time management
  • SMART objectives
  • Feedback
  • Performance appraisal
  • Managing conflict
  • and others upon request.
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  • The Smartest team are the perfect HR professionals. I never worked so easily with a recruiting company. They are good and they are good. And they are fast. And they are fun. And somehow they manage to make the entire hiring process an easy task. Thank you The Smartest for bringing me onboard promising recruits that turned out to be extraordinary soldiers. Until next time, best of luck!
    Dan Zaharia, IT Service Management Expert, WWIT
  • “If you torture data long enough, it will confess to anything you’d like.” – Ronald Coase The Smartest team is flat out one of the best recruiting company I’ve ever worked with. They have consistently been a top producer of quality candidates and have a deep understanding of the business. Their drive and motivation to be an “A player” and deliver results is second to none. Their attention to detail and ability to collaborate and partner with their clients are outstanding. The Smartest is a company I would recommend without hesitation and would absolutely welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future.
    Alin Muntean, Solution Specialist, SAP