Our core business’s focus is on THE PERSON, no matter if we talk about somebody who is looking for a better or more challenging  job or a manager who is looking for help in accomplishing the established goals or growth the business.

So what we actually do is to discuss with people, understand their needs and match them with the right employer or candidate who is sharing the same believes and have the same goals.

Imagine you like somebody and you want to ask that person for a date.

You will choose the nicest and most respectful words in order to make sure you get the “yes” you wish for.

The resume is your way to ask for a date your future employer that you like ☺. We will help you to get that “yes” ;)

We offer:

  • Resume analysis in its initial shape;
  • Feed-back regarding what to improve;
  • Implement appropriate job responsibilities’ description;
  • Graphical arrangement of the whole resume;
  • Key-words identification and implementation for the best “SEO”;
  • Linkedin update;
  • Other jobsites update.

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Most of us, even the experienced ones, are emotional before an interview because we do not know what to expect and the unknown is always something scary.

We can help with that, too. For the inexperienced ones we will simulate a full interview and prepare them for one of the most important exam of their life – getting the first job.

For the experienced ones we will simulate scenarios and questions connected with the position they aim to get and guide them how to present their experience in the best and relevant way.

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We will explore together your hobbies, passions, skills, talents and potential, and we will match them with the jobs existing on the market where you can use them. We will provide you:

  • Job titles for your searches;
  • Job descriptions for the fit jobs.

We will help you transform your hobby into a job that you love.

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  • Asking the Smartest to help me with my resume was a very good decision and a good financial investment in my future. They managed to find the right words to express my professional achievements so that they stand out in the eyes of any recruiter who analyses my resume. They worked fast, professionally, paid attention to every little detail, they understood things without too many explanations and they managed to build for me an excellent business card using little information. I highly recommend their resume consultancy services - you get excellency for very reasonable prices.
    N. Ghita, Business Analyst, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Asking The Smartests to help you with your resume improvement means getting excellent services for very reasonable prices. They manage to help you highlight the experience you have, and also to make your resume visible for exactly the kind of job you are actually looking for. I am really glad I have asked them for help - they worked fast, professional and they are also very friendly.
    Lucian Lupu, Android developer, Cluj-Napoca, Romania